Family Law

Jack Fleeman has focused on family law since 2007 and his eye has been on helping Las Vegas families since long before his legal practice began. Healing a family starts with the compassion to understand the pain and problems facing each member of the family, requires working diligently to identify solutions and clear communication to ensure you are always aware of your options as you move forward from present difficulties toward attainable goals and positive resolution. Experience and eloquence are important, but allocating the time to comprehend the matter fully and to provide comprehensive support for you during the often emotional process is what makes Mr. Fleeman the best choice for legal Family Law legal representation in Las Vegas.


Divorce cases are particularly complex because they are often clouded by the emotional strains affecting the decision making process of the parties involved. Getting beyond the ‘break-up’ and working with you toward a Divorce settlement that serves your needs equitably is the primary role of quality legal counsel. Family Law Attorney Jack Fleeman works with you to fine-tune your goals and create a strategy to achieve them in the fastest, easiest, most effective way possible.

Criminal Law

Criminal charges stemming from Family Law related situations or Divorce entanglements can severely damage your reputation, financial position or impact your personal freedom significantly. Facing criminal charges, with Jack Fleeman you can be confident that your rights will be protected to the fullest extent of the law. Knowing your attorney is always on your side and is willing to work with you at each step along the way is crucial to overcoming the challenges of a Criminal charge and putting the past behind you, where it belongs.

As a native Las Vegan, Jack Fleeman has lifelong connection to the Las Vegas community. After graduating locally from UNLV Honors College, Mr. Fleeman worked for several years as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at a local healthcare company serving the Las Vegas area and as an American Heart Association certified CPR & First Aid Instructor. While serving as an EMT, Mr. Fleeman continued his education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the William S. Boyd School of Law, where he earned several academic awards and graduated at the top of his class. Since 2007, Mr. Fleeman’s legal practice has focused exclusively on family law. He is an active member of the Nevada State Bar Family Law Section, has counseled clients through hundreds of divorce, child custody, and support proceedings. The hallmarks of everything Family Law Attorney Jack Fleeman does while representing client interests go much deeper than the aspects of basic legal assistance and competent counsel required. Rooted in the Las Vegas community and passionately interested in the success of each client, Mr. Fleeman has earned a strong reputation for diligently and effectively helping clients move forward with clearly stated goals, concrete plans of action and a proven record of reaching the best possible results.