Nevada Appeals Attorney for Las Vegas Family Court

Appeals Court is a step above the family court that makes the initial decision in most cases. The purpose of the Appeals Court is to correct any errors in lower court judgments. If you believe an error was made in your Divorce or other Family Court legal proceeding you may have a reasonable claim for an appeal. Determining whether your specific case is appealable, and understanding the potential odds of succeeding on appeal are important discussions to have with your attorney to avoid wasting time or money on an unwinnable case. Jack Fleeman has the experience and expertise to assist you in deciding whether or not it would be wise to pursue an appeal. In that way he can often save you additional hardship, or fight for your rights to the fullest extent the law allows – even if your lower court claim was mishandled by another firm.

Appeals are focused on written arguments and legal research, and rely on the legal record of your lower court ruling. They are decided by judges rather than a jury of your peers and must be argued within a very specific set of criteria dictated by statutory law and past legal precedent.

Jack Fleeman is licensed to practice and has the required credentials to bring your appeals to trial. More importantly, he has a keen understanding of which claims are best left aside and which are likely to reach meaningful results. An honest appraisal of your appeal is the best way to decide what steps you should take next, and whether you decide to pursue an appeal or to take any other legal action, Jack Fleeman is prepared to provide you with the legal support you need to move forward.