Visitation and Child Custody Arrangements That Make Sense

It is important to always keep in mind that Nevada Child Custody Law is designed to do what is in the best interest of the child. In most cases that leads to a result where both parents remain in the life of the child to some degree. Even if the custody decision is not exactly equal, with one parent having considerably more access to the child than the other, custody or visitation rights are usually extended in some capacity to both parents.

Whether you are seeking Child Custody or Visitation rights as part of a Divorce, a change in an existing legal agreement or visitation with a child born outside the scope of marriage, having professional legal counsel capable of showing you the law and explaining your options is essential to gaining peace of mind.

In instances where both parents live near each other and are able to demonstrate parental competence an amicable agreement is often the best solution. However, in matters where one parent is seeking to relocate, or where the parents live a far distance apart things become more complicated. Unfortunate situations arising from parental incompetence of one party often result in difficult proceedings that can be lengthy and challenging for any parent.

Jack Fleeman fully understands the anguish involved in Child Custody and Visitation matters.Unlike most parents, he deals with divorce and child custody issues every week and has the experience of having been involved in the adjudication of rights in hundreds of prior matters. That compassion and understanding is a crucial reason why clients appreciate his respectful approach to these cases and the level of empathy he exhibits in managing your case. Nobody wants to divide custody or accept limited visitation with their child. Getting a fair agreement in place that puts your child in the best possible position is always the primary goal.