Get the Support You Need

In the State of Nevada there is a specific formula explained in the law that determines if any Child Support amount is required. That formula is based on parental income and other relevant factors. The biggest pitfall associated with Child Support arrangements dictated by the Nevada formula comes from the common error of including inaccurate or improperly calculated income data.

Many people rely almost entirely on a paycheck as their sole source of income and in those instances calculating income is relatively simple. However, in many instances where a person is the owner of a business, self-employed, earns money from tips or derives income from investments and other amounts beyond anything noted on a pay stub, knowing which data to include and the best way to include it can impact the final amount due according to the legislated formula. It should also be noted that the formula only covers income to a maximum of $14,000 per month and can also become more complicated if earnings are much higher in some months or lower in others.

In more complex cases Family Law Attorney Jack Fleeman consults with qualified forensic accountants to establish exact income parameters and arrive at a fair outcome for your child. Contact us now to discuss your specific case and to gain a full understanding of your rights.