Comprehensive Legal Representation Includes Criminal Defense

All too often a Family Law matter may stem from a criminal action or be complicated by a criminal charge being brought parallel to any civil claims. Cases of domestic violence, DUI, Theft, Violation of restraining orders and a myriad of other charges can cloud the issues of your family law adjudication. They also often become even more important to the eventual recovery of your personal freedom and peace of mind.

Due to the interconnected nature of these matters, having Jack Fleeman represent you in your Criminal Defense and Family Law legal proceedings provides continuity and allows you to use a comprehensive strategy designed to achieve the best possible results overall.

It is vital to call (702) 388-1851 as soon as possible if you believe you are potentially involved or may be implicated in any criminal matter. The sooner a defense is started the more effective it can become. Don’t wait until after many opportunities to mitigate your legal responsibility have already passed. Get ahead of the prosecution by contacting Jack Fleeman to establish a clear plan of action and work toward protecting your rights immediately.