Reach Divorce Resolution with Attainable Goals

Divorce can quickly became an acrimonious and unmanageable legal proceeding if it is allowed to be ruled by emotions of the parties directly involved rather than having calmer heads prevail on the way toward a better outcome for everyone. Often the biggest obstacles to a fast, simple and relatively easy Divorce settlement are unrealistic expectations that lead one side or the other to pursue an unattainable goal. An accurate, honest and reasonable assessment of your specific divorce case is essential to moving forward with your claims effectively and reaching an acceptable result.

Family Law Attorney Jack Fleeman has the experience and legal expertise to provide a free consultation, full review of your case and a roadmap toward a resolution that moves you beyond this difficult time of life toward a more positive period of personal growth and familial happiness.

Property division is never an easy process, and the end of a long term relationship amplifies the intensity of the matter for most Divorce participants. As a client of Jack Fleeman, whether you are seeking to navigate Child Custody and Visitation Rights decisions, Child Support legalities, Alimony arrangements or any other aspect of Divorce – you can always be sure that you are being given accurate information and sound legal advice.